Our Team

Our Team

Meet Our Team Members

Salah Eissa

An entrepreneur and Robotics technologist. who is currently working with a range of technologies. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and STEM education Development since 2014.

Naglaa Elsman

10 years of experience in managing the company's finances, including financial planning, management of financial risks, record-keeping, and financial reporting.

Israa Galal
Educational Department manager

Software engineer with a solid knowledge of Coding, STEM education, Possess strong problem-solving skills. Have a thorough understanding of computer architecture.

Awab Eltarabilly
Technical Manager

Data scientist and ML specialist,experienced in instructing students all over the world and developing stem curriculums, FLL Egypt Champion twice, Certified judge for technical projects.

Ali Elkashef
STEM And Robotics Instructor

Robotics & Programming Instructor Specialist in training and development of educational content in Robotics and Programming

Alaa Tarek
STEM And Robotics Instructor

Mechatronics Engineer, robotics and smart sytems developer and STEM trainer

Amir Yasser
STEM And Robotics Instructor

Champion in Robot Challenge Competition.Specialist in training and development of educational content in the field of LEGO Robotics

Hanan Samir
STEM And Robotics Instructor

Computer and Systems Engineering

Maryam Hassan
STEM And Robotics Instructor

Computer Science Engineer who is eager to learn and work hard for more experiences and life challenges

Fatma Mounir
STEM And Robotics Instructor

Inspire young people to experiment and grow their confidence, critical thinking and design skills

Abdelrahman Khalifa
Technical Product Manager

Mechanical design engineer with more than 5 years experience in STEM education field

Ahmed Alaa
STEM And Robotics Instructor

I'm a dynamic and versatile professional with a strong background in Mechatronics engineering and extensive experience in Embedded Software Engineering.

Rania Khaled
STEM And Robotics Instructor

computer science engineer and a STEM teacher for children. With a strong background in computer science, I bring expertise in various programming languages, software development, and problem-solving skills

Yara Adel
STEM And Robotics Instructor

Mechatronics Engineer interested in Mechanical systems, Electronics, Robotics, and several programming languages. Seeking an engineering apprenticeship to build on a strong scientific curiosity and begin a career as an engineer.

Alaa Yasien
STEM And Robotics Instructor

Bassant Raafat
STEM And Robotics Instructor

Data scientist Graduate from Mansoura university Faculty of Engineering. I have experience in delivering information to kids and simplifying the programing concepts to them. I have the passion to encourage STEM education.

Mohamed Elsayed
STEM And Robotics Instructor

Working in the field where I find my passion to Inspire the next generation of innovators. Specializing in STEM education curriculum development.

Rawan Yasser
STEM And Robotics Instructor

Motivated Mechatronics Engineering student in MTI University. Eager to apply knowledge and collaborate in dynamic engineering projects.

Nour Ahmed
STEM And Robotics Instructor

Motivated Mechatronics Engineering student with a solid academic background and practical skills in integrating mechanical and electrical systems.

Nada Magdy
Graphic Design Instructor

Graphic designer, digital artist and video editor. Specialized in visual branding and visual advertising, worked with several brands in variety of fields as a graphic designerand copy writer.

Esmail Eldeeb
Technical Vice Manager
STEM & Robotics instructor

I've participated in robotics competitions like FLL, ORCE, Robofest, Olympiad, and RC.These experiences not only honed my technical skills but also fostered valuable skills in teamwork, strategy, and resilience.

Hadeer Hesham
Customer Service & Office Administrator

Experienced and highly energetic Accountant who is able to drive profitability improvement through strategic growth, waste elimination, and quality enhancement.

Alaa Kamal
Account Manager

I graduated from the Faculty of Science and currently work as an accounts manager. My experience spans various sectors, including pharmaceuticals and management.

Soha Galal
Customer Service & Office Administrator

An organizer of events and conferences, and organized the first conference to develop e-learning at ASU. I was the conference presenter, passionate about body language and dealing with people with special needs

Nancy Hosny
STEM And Robotics Instructor

Computer Science Passionate Software engineer, with over 2 years of experience equipping students with the skills of programming, participate in competitions and leading teams

Rahma Abdelhamed
STEM & Robotics instructor

Software Engineer, I work in the field of Technology, Science, Engineering, creation and design of websites, have a lot of experience full stack developer.