This course teaches kids the basics of building and programming electronic devices using the Arduino platform.The course covers concepts such as sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, digital and analog inputs and outputs, and basic electronics. Arduino is a popular platform used in various applications, including robotics, home automation, and Internet of Things (IoT) projects. By learning Arduino, you will have the skills to design, build, and program your own electronic devices and bring your ideas to life.



This level focuses on teaching kids the basics of electricity and how to build an electric circuit with proteus software. It can be an introduction about controllers like Arduino and its peripherals.


This level is an application for electronic components on the first level. it Focuses on Arduino C syntax, sensors, and how to connect them with Arduino and coding.


In this course, kid will learn different types of motors, drivers, and control motors with PWM. Then build integrated systems using sensors, motors, and Arduino.


These lessons are for students who have completed all our other lessons and interested in learning about third-party sensors and using the EV3 with other platforms such as the Raspberry Pi.